2nd office location

From April 1st, 2015 on, IPACON Technology will open a second office location in Etterzhausen close to Regensburg.

bayern photonics network

since July 2015, IPACON Technology is member of the network "bayern photonics"

new Polycarbonate lenses for Lumileds Rebel, Cree Xlamp and Seoul Semiconductor Z5

From 1st of October 2015, we can offer secondary optics for signage, signboards and general lighting. The Polycarbonate optics are inteded to be used together with Cree XLamp, Lumileds Rebel and Seoul Semiconductor Z5. The special lens design has many advantages for the customer, for example the reduction of the number of LEDs in a signboard backlighting application, or the thickness reduction of the backlighting unit.
By direct contact to the japanese supplier, we can offer fast sampling for you.

New report on the homepage of the network "Kompetenznetz Optische Technologien / Bayern Photonics e.V.

There is a short report by IPACON technology about the material development involved in the development of High Power LEDs from 1990 until today (only available in German).


IPACON Technology booth during Electronica 2016

IPACON Technology has been present for the first time with a booth during the leading event for Microelectronics under the umbrella of "Innovation made in Germany". The presentation about customized phosphor systems and general LED packaging met high interest. Besides, the materials of Shin-Etsu and special customized packages from Santec were presented and gained high interest too.

Bachelor thesis at IPACON Technology 

Together with the OTH Regensburg, Ipacon offers bachelor thesis in the field of phosphor applications. Since 2016, several thesis have been successfully carried out by students. 

IPACON Technology starts a cooperation with Musashi Engineering

Since October 2011, Ipacon Technology is working as an agent for the japanese company Shin-Etsu. In 2017, Musashi Engineering chose IPACON Technology as agent for germany and Europe. Musashi Engineering is one of the leading suppliers for dispensing equipment and automation, being well known in the Asian region. Now IPACON is working together with Musahi Engineering GmbH in Munich to introduce their equipment in german companies. 

New equipment for failure Analysis  

Since August 2017, IPACON Technology has installed new equipment for failure analysis and documentation in its lab.  

Moving into new office space

By May 2018, IPACON Technology has moved to new and freshly renovated office and lab space in Etterzhausen in the same building.65 m2 office and lab space makes working more efficient and has created place for employees. 

IPACON Technology presents phosphor based light conversion during OASIS 7

(International Conference and Exhibition on Optics and Electro-Optics, Tel Aviv, 1./2.April 2019) 

Many customers were interested in recent progress in efficiency optimization for dedicated wavelengths for medical applications. In the evening of the last day, IPACON joined a meeting of german companies in the chamber of commerce in Tel Aviv. In the following months, new cooperations and projects had been started with Israeli companies. IPACON Technology did join 


After the Electronica 2020 was cancelled due to Corona, the Electronica 2022 was set for presenting the newest developments connected to phosphor based light conversion, materials from Shin-Etsu and special hermetic packages from Santec. With phosphor based light conversion being in focus, developments of the last 3 years were presented to many interested companies: 

  • Broad band spectra from 400 nm to 750 nm with high efficiency and excellent color rendering
  • High Power LEDs with ceramic conversion elements for extreme power output
  • reflective conversion elements for calibration and flat field applications