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Solving reliability problems for LEDs and optical semiconductors

We offer the following service to solve reliability problems:

Component Analyses:audit4

  • Visual inspection and testing of electrical & optical parameters of components
  • detailed analyses by means of:
    • Shore hardness measurement of housing/encapsulation/envelope
    • DSC- und FTIR-Analysen
    • Scanning electron microscopy and EDX analysis
    • 3D X-ray examination

Technical Audits / Process Checks

Finding the root cause of reliability problems often includes a more detailed look at the manufacturing process.

We examine the process chain in your production or in the production of your supplier. In doing so, we look at every process step from the warehouse for incoming materials to the packaging of the final product. Through many years of experience, we are usually able to identify the problematic process step.

We offer:

  • Technically oriented process checks
  • Process audits according to VDA 6.3

At the customer's request, we also support the introduction of optimized processes.