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Since the company was founded, successful cooperations on specific topics have resulted. Especially for larger projects, we are thus able to offer comprehensive know-how.

  • Shin-Etsu Organic Electronic Materials: Representation Office
  • Musashi Engineering GmbH: Representation Office

  • Chips4Light: LED chips from Osram and Cree, production of special LED components per customer request

  • Plasmatreat GmbH: OpenAir Plasma Coatings and Cleaning Processes
  • Q-tec GmbH: Shore hardness measurement on potting compounds and housing materials

  • bayern photonics e.V.: Ein bayerisches Innovationsnetz, das aus fast 90 Firmen und Forschungseinrichtungen aus dem Gebiet der Photonik besteht
    BayPho Inno 360x240 rgb