prd4bfe1a477a194The right material selection is crucial for the reliability of both the LED component, the light engine and the semiconductor device. We offer careful pre-selection and fast sample procurement through direct contacts to the leading material and package manufacturers. You benefit from many years of experience and can significantly shorten your project lead times. On request, we can also advise on the preparation and evaluation of reliability tests.


We offer the following materials:

  • Silicones for potting, injection molding, compression molding and transfer molding
  • Silicone-based glob tops, chip adhesives, thermally conductive adhesives
  • Silicone-based substrates and packages
  • Silicone lenses
  • Epoxy mold compounds for semiconductors
  • Clear optoelectronic potting resins (epoxies)
  • LED leadframes as strip or continuous product
  • LTCC ceramics
  • AlN and Al2O3 substrates and submounts, with and without metallization
  • Hermetically sealed glass/metal packages
  • Glass lenses
  • Plastic MID packages and AlN-based 3D packages