Innovative processes in LED manufacturing

APIC moldingsystemAPIC2.jpg

We offer support for the following processes and for the introduction of new products:
  • Classic injection molding of transparent silicones for optical elements in LED applications, design rules and assembly processes of silicone optics

  • Compression molding on ceramics and MKP

  • Transfer molding of optics / selective molding of optics onto substrates

  • Optimization of dispensing processes for unfilled and filled casting compounds

  • Production control, e.g. by inline measurement of Shore hardness

Realization of functional coatings on metallizations:
  • Antikorrosionsschichten auf Silberoberflächen in LEDs
  • Antioxidationsschichten auf Kupfer
  • Antibleedingschichten auf Silberoberflächen vor dem Chipkleben