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About IPACON Technology

IPACON Technology was founded in 2011 by Dr. Bert Braune and offers well-grounded material and process know-how to support its customers in the many areas.

The professional background of Dr. Braune

  • PhD in material sciences about new eye glass polymers based on Nanomers®
  • Material and process development for Osram Opto Semiconductors in Regensburg from 1999 to 2011
  • Over 90 patents related to LED packaging and LED phosphors
  • Various presentations related to LED development issues (Photonics West, Optics East)

History of the Company

Move to new business premises

In May 2018, new business premises were occupied in the former Schlossbrauerei in Etterzhausen. The office as well as the electronics laboratory and fault analysis are now located on 65 m2.

Reinforcement in failure analysis

Since August 2017, the analysis laboratory has been expanded by a complete workstation for failure analysis on LED components and for documentation.

IPACON Technology starts cooperation with Musashi Engineering

Since June 1, 2017, IPACON supports the market opening of Musashi Engineering in Europe. Musashi Engineering is a Japanese manufacturer of high-precision dispensing equipment and automation solutions for laboratory and manufacturing. In Asia, Musashi Engineering has long been a technology leader and can be found in almost every large semiconductor or LED manufacturing facility.

Bachelor theses in cooperation with IPACON Technology

In 2016, a bachelor thesis on the topic of phosphors was successfully supervised by IPACON for the first time. In the future, topics for a bachelor thesis will be offered within existing projects in cooperation with e.g. the OTH Regensburg. In 2019, another bachelor thesis on the topic of phosphors was successfully completed.

Membership in the "bayern photonics" network

IPACON Technology has been a member of the "bayern photonics" network since July 2015.

Relocation of the offices

From 1.04.2015 IPACON will move into new offices in Etterzhausen.