prd4bfe1a477a194The correct material choice is of highest importance for the reliability of an LED component, a light engine or a semiconductor component.

We help to minimize your project time schedule by the accurate material preselection, given by the quality requirements, and by fast material sampling, due to direct contact to leading material and housing suppliers. Your application benefits from our long year   experience and reduces your products time to market. We offer on demand support for the selection and the evaluation of reliability tests.

We offer following materials and housings:

  • Silicones for casting, for injection molding, for compression and transfer molding
  • Silicone based glob-top materials, die attach and thermal conductive glue
  • Silicone lenses
  • Silicone based LED leadframes
  • Epoxy based mold compounds for Semiconductors
  • Clear Epoxy encapsulants for Optoelectronics
  • LED leadframes in strip form or endless
  • LTCC ceramics
  • AlN and Al2O3 substrates with and without metallization
  • Glas-toMetal-Seals hermetic seals (GTMS)
  • Glas lenses
  • MID packages (polymer based) and 3D-packages based on AlN
  • new: LED secondary optics from Polycarbnonate for Signage and Lighting