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Clear Opto resins

Silicone based opto resins

By our close cooperation with the japanese company Shin-Etsu Chemical, we can offer silicone based opto resins for casting, globe top and for compression molding / transfer molding. We work closely together with Shin-Etsu R&D to support your development and support you by fast sample shipping; customized materials are possible, too.

encapsulantSilicone based resins for casting

  • for premolded packages und COB
  • Globe-Top silicones
  • hardness range from Shore A 25 to Shore D55

Silicones for compression and transfer molding

  • for application on substrates and boards
  • generating optics on top of the LED chip
  • Methyl- und Phenyl based siilicones
  • hardness range from Shore A 60 to Shore D 40


Clear Epoxy based optoresins

These anhydride based resins are especially formulated for demanding LED- and sensor applications. The resins are produced in Germany and guarantee you constant batch to batch quality.


  • highest yellowing- und temperature cycle stability (-40°C to 125°C)
  • good adhesion to many package materials
  • extreme low ion content