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2nd office location

From April 1st, 2015 on, IPACON Technology will open a second office location in Etterzhausen close to Regensburg.

bayern photonics network

since July 2015, IPACON Technology is member of the network "bayern photonics"

new Polycarbonate lenses for Lumileds Rebel, Cree Xlamp and Seoul Semiconductor Z5

From 1st of October 2015, we can offer secondary optics for signage, signboards and general lighting. The Polycarbonate optics are inteded to be used together with Cree XLamp, Lumileds Rebel and Seoul Semiconductor Z5. The special lens design has many advantages for the customer, for example the reduction of the number of LEDs in a signboard backlighting application, or the thickness reduction of the backlighting unit.
By direct contact to the japanese supplier, we can offer fast sampling for you.

New report on the homepage of the network "Kompetenznetz Optische Technologien / Bayern Photonics e.V.

There is a short report by IPACON technology about the material development involved in the development of High Power LEDs from 1990 until today (only available in German).